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Astrology and Education. Rahu always gives break and delay in education. One more important point need note that, you should check you 9 th lord placement also in D chart. It will tell you more accurate.

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Planet and your education Sun represents administrative education, Vedas, and philosophy, Political science. Mercury is significator of Computer Engineer, mathematics, financial management and accountancy, astrology, Management related courses,Writing. Venus is auspicious for Fashion related courses, Acting, Media, music, Interior decoration.

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Rahu are chief Karakas of foreign education and foreign languages. A Worst Conjunction — Rahu Jupiter. Understanding of Vish Yoga or Punarphoo Dosha. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Auspicious Vehicle Purchase Dates — Panchang. When Ram Mandir will be constructed? Rahu Role in Progeny — Astrology Research.

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Medical Astrology and Rahu Ketu transit — Maitreya Muhurtham to By tamiljothidamtips Last updated Mar 7, Astrology is thought to have emerged in Babylon in the second millennium BCE, as a simpler form of omen astrology tied to the calendar and the constellations. Given its ancient origins, astrology has been remarkably successful. Gallup polls suggest that approximately 25 percent of adults in the United States, the U.

Furthermore, astrology is a kind of universal language, and the material of horrible pick-up lines. By some estimates fully 90 percent of adults know their astrological sun sign Campion One of the most noteworthy aspects of belief in astrology is that it is more often embraced by liberals. A Pew Research Center study found that people who described themselves as liberal were almost twice as likely to say they believe in astrology than self-described conservatives: 30 percent of liberals compared to 16 percent of conservatives Liu According to the Pew study, belief is also more likely to be a youthful phenomenon, with the youngest age group, toyear-olds, having a 30 percent belief rate and belief decreasing with each increasing age bracket.

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Only 18 percent of year-olds and older endorsed astrology. Education was also systematically associated with lower levels of belief, with 18 percent of college graduates endorsing astrology, as compared to 30 percent of those in the high school or less education group. Finally, for both Protestants and Catholics, more frequent church attendance was related to lower levels of belief in astrology Liu Perhaps because astrology is so remarkably resilient, research on the psychology of belief has a long and continuing history.

An early research contribution identified one of the reasons people tend to see themselves in their horoscopes—no matter what the horoscope says. Forer gave a class of psychology students a personality questionnaire to fill out, and then later handed out what the students assumed were unique personality sketches.

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In fact, all of the sketches were the same, and they were drawn from a newspaper stand astrology book. When asked to rate the accuracy of the sketches the overwhelming majority found them to be to be remarkably accurate. It should be noted that horoscopes are particularly susceptible to the Barnum effect, because they tend to be written in ambiguous, non-specific terms that can be interpreted in many ways, but psychological tests are also prone to the Barnum effect Wyman and Vyse An additional factor that has been implicated in the acceptance of horoscopes is whether the description is positive or negative.

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  • In a test using horoscopes that varied in their positive or negative valence, Hamilton found that—as you might expect—people were more willing to say their horoscope was valid if the description was generally positive, however, using a different method of testing with a German sample Wunder found no effect of the favorableness of sun signs. In some cases, rather than having the individual pick out their own horoscope from a selection of horoscopes, the identification was made by a friend or relative who knew the target individual well Tyson , but this technique did not produce any better results.

    This method also came up short.

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    Thus, the overwhelming result of many studies is that horoscopes are not valid descriptions of personality. One of the major explanations for belief in superstition, is the desire for control over uncontrollable events Vyse , and a number of studies suggest that the desire for control is also an important factor in belief in astrology. For example, in a Finnish study, Outi Lillqvist and Marjaana Lindeman gave questionnaires to people who had signed up for adult education classes in either introduction to astrology, psychology, or German.

    Compared to students in the other classes, astrology students reported having recently experienced more life crises e.

    Interestingly, even among the control groups who took either psychology or German classes, those who reported greater belief in astrology also reported having experienced more life crises. So, it appears that when people lose their footing and are shaken by the world, astrology provides a sense of order and control. In a laboratory study, American research participants were asked to judge how accurate a horoscope was, but before they made the judgment they were primed to have a sense of control or the lack of control. Half the participants were asked to recall a time when something happened to them and they were in control of the situation, and the other half were asked to remember a time when something happened but they were not in control.